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Pressure ulcers can develop in as little as a week and have ghastly consequences for both providers and patients. Gel mattress overlays are essential in preventing the onset of pressure ulcers. Read more to find out just how helpful gel mattress overlays can be and if you or your patients qualify.

What Causes Pressure Wounds

At the most basic level pressure wounds result from three primary contributing factors:

  • Sustained pressure: When skin and the underlying tissues experience prolonged contact against a surface such as a wheelchair or a bed, skin cells may be damaged and eventually die.
  • Friction: Friction occurs when skin is dragged across a surface. For instance, when a patient changes position or is moved by a caregiver. Friction is exacerbated when skin is moist.
  • Shear: Shear occurs when two surfaces move in the opposite direction.

5 Ways to Reduce the Risk of Developing Pressure Wounds

We also know that the following tips may help reduce the risk of developing pressure wounds:

  1. Change positions frequently (e.g. every couple of hours), to put less pressure on the skin.
  2. Keep skin clean and dry. After washing, always pat skin dry with a towel. Do not rub.
  3. Use pillows between parts of the body that press against each other, for example, under the tailbone, shoulders, heels, and elbows, or, for patients lying on their side, between the knees and the ankles.
  4. Exercise. Even for patients who can’t get out of bed, simple exercise and range of motion activities can help reduce the risk of pressure wounds.
  5. Gel mattress overlays. Use a gel mattress overlay to provide an essential barrier between the patient and the bed surface.

It’s this last point that we’ll explore more

Gel Mattress Overlays and Home Hospital Beds

For many patients, a home hospital bed is a key element on the road to optimal health and wellness; a comfortable bed is essential for a good night’s sleep, and a good night’s sleep provides a foundation that supports all other elements of a treatment plan.

We offer a multiple options for homecare hospital beds for purchase and rental which are designed to provide the ultimate safety and comfort for the patient.

When combined with a gel mattress overlay, the benefits of a home hospital bed increase immensely. Gel mattress overlays provide an essential barrier between the patient and the surface against which they’re constantly in contact. They distribute weight more evenly to relieve pressure, particularly around areas that lack sufficient padding from muscle or fat, like heels, hips, shoulder blades, elbows, and the tailbone. They have a non-shear, low-friction surface, addressing a common cause of pressure wounds. They also help manage moisture, prevent the growth of bacteria, and are easy to clean.

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