Rent or buy a scooter

Looking for a scooter temporarily? We offer short-term and long-term rentals at an affordable price

One day: $60

Weekend: $100

Two weeks: $150

One month: $230

Two months: $180/month

Same-day service

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Our team is available all week 8am to 10pm. Let’s talk! Order your bed today and have it delivered on the date that you prefer.

Looking to buy a refurbished scooter?

Let’s help you! We offer express service with warranty and brand-new batteries

  • Fortress 1700 TA 3-wheel outdoor/indoor scooter, pink color

  • Fortress 1700 TA 3-wheel outdoor/indoor scooter, red color

  • Mobility 4-wheel outdoor/indoor scooter, blue color

  • Pride Go-Go Elite Traveller® 3-wheel indoor scooter, pink color

  • Pride Go-Go Elite Traveller® 4-wheel outdoor/indoor scooter, red color


Why you should choose our service?


We provide high quality and tested rental product to provide you with the best product that fits your need.


Get a same-day quote and a next-day delivery with a simple phone call! Same-day delivery is also available, ask us today!


We offer a competitive rate combined with high quality standards for products and services.