Fall Mat 2.0


The Fall Mat 2.0 is an advanced and reliable solution designed to enhance safety and reduce the risk of injuries associated with falls. With its comprehensive features and benefits, it provides peace of mind for caregivers and individuals at risk of falling.

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One of the standout features of the Fall Mat 2.0 is its full 72″ length, which offers maximum coverage alongside the bed. This ensures that a larger area is protected, minimizing the chances of impact in the event of a fall. The mat is constructed from a high-quality molded Polyurethane foam inner core, with a density of 210kgs/cubic meter. This material provides exceptional absorption and rebounds properties, effectively reducing the impact and mitigating the potential injuries caused by a fall.

To guarantee its durability and reliability, the Fall Mat 2.0 has undergone rigorous testing. It has successfully passed the 5-foot “Egg Drop Test,” demonstrating its ability to withstand impact without sustaining damage. This test serves as a testament to the mat’s high-quality construction and superior protective capabilities.

The mat is designed with a low profile and tapered edges, allowing for the seamless rolling of equipment such as overbed tables or patient lifts. This ensures smooth mobility and prevents any tripping hazards. The anti-slip bottom netting further enhances the mat’s stability, keeping it securely in place and minimizing the risk of accidental slips or movements.

The top surface of the Fall Mat 2.0 features embossed non-slip PVC leather, which not only adds an attractive appearance but also offers exceptional durability and puncture resistance. The non-slip pattern on the top surface provides an additional layer of safety, minimizing the chances of slipping. Cleaning the mat is effortless, as it can be easily wiped down with mild soap and water, ensuring optimal hygiene.

The Fall Mat 2.0 is available in two colors, Brown and Gray, allowing you to choose an option that best suits your preferences and environment.

Overall, Fall Mat 2.0 is a reliable and effective solution for fall prevention. Its comprehensive features, including its full coverage, impact resistance, easy cleaning, and non-slip properties, make it an essential accessory for enhancing safety and providing peace of mind for individuals at risk of falling and their caregivers.