Adjustable Wall Bar Shower Set


This modern decor showering system comes complete with a wall mounting bar so that the shower head holder can be positioned to suit the bather’s height. The bar also has a soap dish. The chrome flex hose is 84″ (2.1m) long. The shower head has an on/off button and there is a diverter valve to attach the hose to the existing shower head. All bright chrome plated. Comes in attractive retail packaging.

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The Adjustable Wall Bar Shower Set is a modern and versatile showering system designed to enhance your bathing experience. Here are its key features:

  1. Adjustable Wall Mounting Bar: The shower set includes a wall mounting bar that allows for easy adjustment of the shower head holder’s position to suit the bather’s height. This feature ensures maximum comfort and convenience during showering.
  2. Soap Dish: The wall mounting bar also features a built-in soap dish, providing a handy storage solution for your soap or shower gel. This keeps your bathing essentials within reach, minimizing clutter in the shower area.
  3. 84″ (2.1m) Long Chrome Flex Hose: The shower set comes with a chrome flex hose that is 84 inches long (2.1 meters). The lengthy hose allows for flexible movement and ease of use while showering, providing ample reach for efficient bathing.
  4. Shower Head with On/Off Button: The shower head included in the set is equipped with an on/off button. This feature allows you to easily control the flow of water without adjusting the main shower controls, providing added convenience and water-saving benefits.
  5. Diverter Valve: The set includes a diverter valve that enables you to attach the flex hose to the existing shower head. This feature allows you to switch between the shower head and the hand-held shower, giving you flexibility in your showering options.
  6. Bright Chrome Plated Finish: All components of the shower set are bright chrome plated, giving them a sleek and modern appearance. The chrome finish not only adds an attractive touch to your bathroom decor but also provides durability and resistance to corrosion.
  7. Attractive Retail Packaging: The shower set comes in attractive retail packaging, making it suitable for gifting or a professional presentation. This packaging enhances the overall aesthetic appeal and protects the components during transportation or storage.

The Adjustable Wall Bar Shower Set offers a customizable and stylish showering experience. With its adjustable wall mounting bar, soap dish, long chrome flex hose, shower head with an on/off button, diverter valve, and bright chrome plated finish, it combines functionality, convenience, and visual appeal.