Drive Urinal (Female)


The Female Urinal is an essential necessity for anyone who has trouble getting out of bed. The unit prevents spills due to the design of the unit in its shape. The Female Urinal has a sturdy grip for easy handling and allows the unit to be used in several positions by the patient. The unit is Lightweight, durable, and easy to clean. The Female Urinal has graduation marks making it easy to see how full the unit is. The female urinal can hold 35 oz (or approximately .9L). “Actual Product Weight: 0.22 lbs; Overall Product Height: 14.57″; Overall Product Length: 12.84″”; Overall Product Width: 11.42″; Primary Product Color: White; Primary Product Material: Plastic; Volume: 32 oz



The Drive Urinal (Female) is an essential tool for individuals who face challenges in getting out of bed. This specially designed urinal is created with convenience and functionality in mind, providing a reliable solution for those who require assistance with their urinary needs.

One of the key features of the Drive Urinal is its ability to prevent spills. The urinal is carefully crafted to minimize the risk of leakage, ensuring a clean and mess-free experience for both the user and caregiver. This spill-prevention design adds an extra layer of convenience and peace of mind.

The urinal is designed with a sturdy grip, making it easy to handle and manipulate. Its ergonomic shape allows for comfortable and secure holding, ensuring ease of use for the patient. Additionally, the urinal can be used in several positions, providing flexibility and adaptability to suit individual preferences and needs.

Durability and ease of maintenance are also important considerations in the design of the Drive Urinal. It is constructed from lightweight yet durable materials, making it reliable and long-lasting. Cleaning the urinal is a simple task, thanks to its user-friendly design and materials that are easy to wipe clean or wash.

For added convenience, the Drive Urinal features graduation marks that allow for the measurement of output. This is particularly useful for monitoring fluid intake and output, which can be important for healthcare management. The urinal has a capacity to hold up to 32 oz of liquid, providing sufficient volume for most users’ needs.

Choose the Drive Urinal (Female) to meet the urinary needs of individuals who require assistance or have limited mobility. Its spill-prevention design, sturdy grip, versatility in positioning, lightweight durability, and ease of cleaning make it a reliable and practical choice. Experience the convenience and comfort that this urinal provides, ensuring a more accessible and dignified experience for those who need it.

Features : 

  • Essential for anyone who has trouble getting out of bed
  • Designed to prevent spills
  • Sturdy grip for easy handling and can be used in several positions by the patient
  • Lightweight, durable, and easy to clean
  • Graduation marks to measure output; Can hold 32 oz


  • Overall Product Length: 12.84″
  • Overall Product Width: 11.42″
  • Overall Product Height: 14.57″
  • Actual Product Weight: 0.22 lbs
  • Volume: 32 oz